Real-time syncronization taking focus

I’m using Win7 64-bit. I have set a few real-time sync services with Comodo to a network drive.

The problem is, when Comodo Backup Service is running, the windows I work in (ex. browser, explorer, email client, etc.) loosing focus (ie. going background) regularly. I mean till this sentence in this comment I had to click on the browser window 4 times to be able to continue typing.

If I stop the service in Win config, this does not happen anymore. I have tried to set the sync services from real-time to 30 mins, but it’s just the same. Windows loosing focus.

At the end, I am over 15 clicks for re-take focus in this window.


Please collect the debug information after you reproduce the issue again and let us know if you are using any non-default settings when you are configuring the sync process.