Real time memory scan in CIS


Since BOClean has been integrated into CIS, can I assume the the memory is scanned in real-time like the antivirus module does for the physical files, or is the memory scanned only on startup?



What do you mean with “or is the memory scanned only on startup?”? You mean on start up of the computer or start up of the program?

Hi Nitreb,

Memory Scanning happens in real time and scans anything that executes in Memory (It watches anything in memory) And does so like the real-time scanner does for the Hard Drive. The good thing is Both Memory Scanner and Hard Drive Scanner work together, Where Memory Scanner is last line of defense since anything that downloads onto your Hard Drive will be caught too (But sometimes malware is packed, And to be unpacked it must be first executed, So the malware executed in malware, unpacks it self and memory scanner will then detect it). :wink: It’s like malware wears some kind of armor, Then it takes the armor of once executed and the AV memory scanner is there. :wink:


Thanks for the answer, Josh :smiley: