Real Time e-mail scanning and quarantine

My suggestion is that this be done soon as an extension to the current AV product. ZoneAlarm Security Suite does it now and is the only reason I suggest it to my less knowledgeable clients even though it is not as effective as Comodo or others.


Hello SFSecurity;

My Two Cents:
I believe that this wouldn’t be that helpful on the account that CIS focus’s on two parts only Your Memory and Your Hard Drive

Reason: Comodo Forum


+1 because this would help novice users if CIS had something like this I’d use it on my Sister’s laptop, but since she’s not good w/ computers I have to currently use a thinkless AV nice idea

As has been said in other threads here, email scanning is unnecessary. If anything does manage to come thru your email, the layered security system of CIS will prevent it from infecting you. The scan, like other scans ,will only detect known threats, not anything new. CIS will stop anything, new or old if it is configured correctly. Any pop up that occurs from an email should always be told to block the action to be safe. There is also the fact that almost all email providers these days offer scanning with the package so doing another scan at your end would be redundant.

E-mail scanning is pointless if you have a general On-Access scanner.

I HIGHLY 2nd, 3rd, & even 4th this
request/idea/suggestion! I’ve no clue why some here think
it’s a bad idea!? Why is something that helps protect your system a BAD idea?!

So, hell yeah, add it already! I cannot believe that it isn’t alredy folded into CIS! All othet ‘Internet Security’ Suites have it, so, why not CIS?

Your query has already been answered. Please visit the link in Jacob’s post.

Web/IM/E-mail scanning is pointless and does not add any protection if you have a general on-access scanner (like CIS does).

The reason “all other security suites have it” is so that the user believes they are getting more protection, when they aren’t. The user believes the product is great value for money, so they buy it. Simple as.


Should install as add-ons not including.

I think it’s a good idea.

When I used Norton AV, any infected emails were scanned and then cleaned.

I would rather have a cleaned email in my inbox than an infected one, even if Comodo would block it!

Especially when that email may be legitimate with an unintentional virus attachment, in that case manually deleting the email would also not be the preferred option.

What kind of additional security does email scanning provide on top of On access scanning and RAM scanning we do?


There are some script viruses which come in email and can be executed when the email is opened:

EG: Bubbleboy | F-Secure Labs, Kak | F-Secure Labs

These do not have to be saved - they run just by looking at the email! These are the kind of viruses that I would prefer depart from my emails before they get anywhere near my inbox!

Even if infected emails did nothing until saved and opened, does that not mean we shouldn’t get rid of them???

I personally feel it would be nice that any infected emails I receive would be cleaned and then still delivered to my inbox. In which case I would be able to read the email and yet not have to worry that there is a virus in it, even if it’s “just sitting there”

You see all these are means to deliver a pay load. If you read those pages you linked to, you will see the files it will try to drop. Because we check on access, all these will be caught without having to scan the email. If it executes (tries to) it will need to write (cos its dropping its payload) and we catch it then…


You got me there :wink:

I guess it’s just a nice feeling to not have infected emails, even if they just sit there and can do no harm…

You see, paid for providers had to justify what they charge you by adding all sorts of stuff that might or might not need. They need to show you that they are doing “ALL” that for you… :wink:

We have the luxury of not having to do that… we have the luxury of being frank and open :wink: