Real-time Defender Professional V1.0 (EX ProSecurity v1.43)

Copy-paste from wilders:

[QUOTE=johncage]Rtdefender has released Real-time Defender Professional V1.0 in a Chinese security forum. Because the new website is under construction, non-Chinese users please wait two or three days.

This is the info Rtdefender posted.

Real-time Defender Professional V1.0 released

Real-time Defender Professional is a freeware, this version is based on ProSecurity v1.43

What’s new?

  1. Fixed a bug causes Blue Screen Of Death, and fixed other small bugs.

If you have installed a version of ProSecurity, you may need to do the follow steps:

  1. Export rules of ProSecurity at first, then uninstall your ProSecurity.
  2. Install Real-time Defender Professional and import rules exported in step 1.

GUI remain the same,only bugs fixed.

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Didnt the original owner sell this and doesnt he now work for Comodo

Yes. The owner/developer is now working in Comodo’s R&D Office in Beijing, he is part of the CIS team.


Do you need to uninstall comodo firwall to use real time defender, for some reason the driver for real time will not install. Could the Geswall driver prevent it from installing