Real time Anti virus turn off situation

So after much rooting around I turned off the real time antirvirus and this seemed to make a big difference in general computer usage on an older machine. I am using the latest Internet Security Suite and the reason why I am posting this is because until this new version with the new interface which is not really very well designed, everything was not so slow. This means that the new version has a much bigger impact as I used the old antivirus real time without the constant 100% CPU usage which made a lot of things stutter.
I have cleaned the machine with 3 different systems and I know enough about PCs to make a reasonable statement that this is where the problem lies.
If indeed my assumption is correct then COMODO people need to address this problem and see why the realtime antivirus is such a hog.
I tried the new one on three other different and more powerful machines and there were obvious signs that this was also happening there. Two other people have indicated exactly the same problem amd after they turned off the real time AV they were much happier.
SO it seems that some thing is rotton in the state of denmark as the saying goes. Please look in to this COMODO people.

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