Real time Anti virus turn off situation

So after much rooting around I turned off the real time antirvirus and this seemed to make a big difference in general computer usage on an older machine. I am using the latest Internet Security Suite and the reason why I am posting this is because until this new version with the new interface which is not really very well designed, everything was not so slow. This means that the new version has a much bigger impact as I used the old antivirus real time without the constant 100% CPU usage which made a lot of things stutter.
I have cleaned the machine with 3 different systems and I know enough about PCs to make a reasonable statement that this is where the problem lies.
If indeed my assumption is correct then COMODO people need to address this problem and see why the realtime antivirus is such a hog.
I tried the new one on three other different and more powerful machines and there were obvious signs that this was also happening there. Two other people have indicated exactly the same problem amd after they turned off the real time AV they were much happier.
SO it seems that some thing is rotton in the state of denmark as the saying goes. Please look in to this COMODO people.

I do not know how to solve your issues as I am not a PC expert, but I’d advise NOT to turn off real-time protection as you are open to the elements - big time!!!

So are you saying that there is constant 100% CPU usage?

Can you please name which process is using this much? Also, is this happening during a scan, during update, randomly, constantly regardless of what’s going on, etc…?

The more information we have the faster we can figure out what’s going on. Also, can you please post links to the other posts which describe the same issue you are having?


Please make sure there are no leftovers of security programs you had installed in the past. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .

If the problem persists please let us know what process (es) are causing the abnormal CPU usage. Also tell us what OS you are using and if there are any other security programs running in the background.

Thank you for the reply.
The process that does the hogging is the cavwp.exe

It does not run at 100% all the time but certainly a good share of the time and when not it uses a lot more than it used to in earlier versions.
I have had only COMODO stuff on this machine since a new installation of the WinXP OS.
I have as yet not done a total clean of the Comodo possible remnants but I feel that they are not the problem but I will do it as soon as I have time.

As I said - this problem is repeatable on several machines and that makes me think more along the lines of a bug in the cavwp.exe than anything else. I may be wrong but it smells like it a lot.
Keep me posted.

Can you disable the cache builder and see if the high CPU usage goes away?

Also, let us know when you have done a cleanup of the remnants of all old security products.


Hi Chiron,
So some new info for you. As I said I only ever had COMODO security products on this machine so I need to do a COMODO cleanup but that will have to wait a little. Just too busy.
I did find something new though and it has to do with the optimzation checkbox in the antivirus area. I restarted the antivirus realtime and it worked much better but the optimization I kept unchecked. The cavwp.exe file used just a little more resources. Then I checked the optimization and the cavwp.exe started to explode and the machine started to come to a slow halt. So there we have a definite action and reaction reality.
SO - now I just run realtime antiv and no optimization. What does that tell us?
Look forward to hearing from you all and thanx.

Thank you for testing that.

It would be very helpful if you could try reinstalling CIS by following the methods I recommend in this post.

As long as you are still experiencing this problem after reinstalling by those methods the best option would be if you could create a bug report in this section of the forum. Be sure to use the format provided in this post.

It appears that the cache builder is not running correctly on your system. Thus, if a reinstall (including cleanup utilities) does not help then I believe you have found a bug.

OK Then I will do this as soon as I can find time. I will then get back to you.
Thanx and ciao

As long as cav will spawn new processes, and we dont have an overview of cpu time anymore,
for security reasons
i will not use cav anymore.

Dont want a surprise in summer. Or on the electric bill.
While gaining nothing.