Real high-risk threats or false alarms?

Hi, I’m new here, and never want to use this if I can solve the rpoblems on my own.

I just ran a computer scan with CIS and it found 2 high-risk threats as follows:

Suspicious@#2xhe7xhy1d8ix C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\netsetup.exe|Unsfx|WinXPChk.exe

Suspicious@#2xhe7xhy1d8ix C:\WINDOWS\system32\netsetup.exe|Unsfx|WinXPChk.exe

I have tried to search for info about them but am still confused. I already scanned them with Advanced System Care Ultimate but no threats were reported.

Could anyone please tell me what the above results mean? Are they real threats or just false alarms?

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the Comodo forum! Looks like 90% false positive to me. Don’t worry. Report it to the Comodo. You can send it to the Comodo for the full analysis here is the link:

And do upload it to the Virus Total as well just in case and see the results if you still not sure let me know I can help:

;D :-TU

Thank you so much, Seany. I’ll do that.

You see, the CIS(Defense+) doesn’t even offer me an option button to send the suspicious files posing “high-risk threats” to their technical team. I really thought they wouldn’t accept them for analysis.

I appreciate your advice. Very useful!

Please post links to the VirusTotal results here so we can give you a quick verdict on whether you should probably be worried or not.