Real Desktop 2.0 false or threat?

Before I get into the topic I wanted to mention I posted here because I’m trying to get information before I install this program.
(this doesn’t relate directly to any of your software) :wink:

anyways, I’m having an issue with the free update to Real Desktop

I’m already using Real Desktop 1x, and I have to say, it’s quite amazing… :slight_smile:
but Avast reported both 2.05 and 2.06 as PUP…
this didn’t raise my suspicions because RD does have to play with your system files in order to work.
why I’m reporting is because CFW (GeekBuddy) also reports this program: (after excluding the file in Avast)

^almost looks like a Linux desktop huh :stuck_out_tongue:

so yea… seeing reports from both has me questioning…

I want to update though due to the features offered (which DO play with windows resources),
but mainly the features which offer 3x more desktop space, rooms, and less memory consumption.
(and there’s also the 3D objects, which I want to hack a Brawl-trophy mod into (I’m sure you can guess which)) :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways… think you could verify this file plox. :slight_smile:

It’s PUP,

not a “threat” but something rather unwanted.

must be due to the update annoyances and what not…

as long as it’s harmless I’m good. :3
(I can probably get rid of almost any of the annoyances by editing the EXE) :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, thanks. :slight_smile: