Real attack or not?

Attack me or not?

What is that?

I export my log file from Firewall. Please see it and tell me.

Waiting for it…I wish people would post stuff on, 'cause I hate the wait time…

Hmmm…I’m not sure. You’ll have to ask someone else. I know more about D+ then FW stuff. (:SHY)

I’m not an expert, but there’s nothing to worry about. Just because the firewall blocks something, it won’t necessarily mean it is a real attack.

To know for sure, I guess that every user would need to provide their log and then see if there are common blocked IP addresses. It would be a tremendous coincidence for the same IP to “attack” a lot of users and be a innocent one.

I believe someone with more knowledge on that will tell it how it is.

Anyway, real attack or not, they got blocked.

Best regards