Ready for Comodo AV

I have been trialing a number of AV’s recently as my Mcafee ISS expired. So far I have looked at Avast, AntiVir, CA and Nod 32 trial. By chance I also stumbled across Prevx 1 and now have that installed as an additional protection layer.

I keep reading that Comodo FW is very good and I will install that shortly but the AV interests me more. Postings in the forum state that it is resource heavy but a new version with a smaller footprint will be ready soon. If this is the case I will wait for that release as I am looking for a low resource AV. Even if the detection rate is not as good as, say AntiVir, yet Comodo deserves support.

It is good to have a community of users who seem passionate about Comodo, only Avast users comes close. Good luck.

Welcome to Comodo.

Both the firewall and av are excellent products. I noticed no slow down after installing the av, after switching from avast!

You should know though that the av is currently a beta product and yes Comodo are working on reducing resource useage and improving the products to a point, where - they hope you will hardly notice them using resources at all :wink:


I would recomend that you give it a try even with this beta version. It is not so heavy as you imagine :D.
Just remember to complete uninstall other antivirus programs (especially mcafee). If you don’t it can be turned into a great headache :wink:

Thank you.


Wait wait wait…so, v is beta??

Yes. But it works very good for a beta version. ;D

It’s an excellent program for a beta, and is being improved further by Comodo 8)

The only major problem is the definitions, but these will be added to frequently over the next few weeks :wink:


The reason why we call it beta is not because the program crashes etc. The reason why we call it beta is because the virus signatures are still being uploaded and will take time until its all loaded into our systems.

Memory consumption is being dealt with, soon we will have an upgrade with better resources utilisation.

So now is your opportunity to keep telling us what you want from this AV so that we can build it for you.

Yes Comodo is constantly improving their programs, and are very busy with many new suspect Virus Samples, making sure they are not false positives to make Comodo Antivirus one of the best antivirus programs.