Readability extensions

Trying to use any of the readability extensions causes CD to crash :

Like :


Was tested with 17.1

Comparable versions of Chrome and previous versions Iron work fine.


The crash did not reproduce during testing. Please check for any conflict with other extensions you have installed.

Thank you.


I am running CD as a portable installation.

I can reproduce even if I :

  • Exit CD.
  • Delete “User Data” (so no extensions or special settings).
  • Install a readability plug-in like :
    EasyReader - Chrome Web Store
  • Go to any website I would test this on like :
    Bob - Wikipedia
  • Click the “EasyReader” icon …

AND I get a …
Crash (with the “whoa …” message.

Is it because it is a portable install ?

What version did you try to reproduce it with ?


The issue has been tracked down and a fix will be available in the next releases.
Until then, you can use the non-portable version of the latest release (17.1)

Thank you for your support.