Re: Wireless router, a modem, and CFP configuration [Resolved]

I’ve just upgraded from dialup to cable broadband. My wireless router (Belkin) requires that my cable modem (Linksys) be plugged in to the router rather than the computer. This gives me one network connection, the router, and I don’t see how to configure the Comodo Firewall to discern the unfriendly Internet from my friendly other computer. Help?

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I’ve moved your post where your question will be better addressed and resolved.

So if I understand correctly, your computer is connected to a wireless router, which connects to your modem, and you are wondering how to configure CFP to protect you in this scenario.

Do you have multiple computers connected to the router?

If so, are you trying to share files/printer, etc with these other computers?


Yes, you understand correctly.

I have one other computer, a notebook with wireless. I wish to share files and printers between the two.

Okay then, that’s accomplished easily enough.

I’m approaching this from the basis that you have already set up your file/print sharing in Windows prior to installing CFP, and that it works properly.

First, on both computers, go to Start/Run, type in “cmd”. At the DOS prompt, type in “ipconfig /all”; this will give you the internal computer IP address (ie, behind the router), the DNS Server, DHCP Server, Default Gateway. Your DNS Server may be a different IP address than the others, belong to your ISP; that’s not a concern at this point.

In CFP, open Security/Tasks/Add a Zone. It will show your IP address as the low end of the Zone, and the subnet mask as the high end. You will want to set this range (from low to high) to include the IP addresses of your router, your two computers, and anything else showing in the same range of IPs, per the ipconfig /all command.

So for example, let’s say you have the following:

Comp 1:
Comp 2:

Your Zone (which we’ll name “Home LAN” for this example) would be: -
That’s it for that. Easy, huh?

The next step is to go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network. Use your Zone “Home LAN” and follow the prompts. When you’re finished, it’ll be good to reboot.

If you look at the Network Monitor now, you’ll see two new rules at the top (ID 0 & ID 1). The first will Allow IP Out from Any to the Zone; the second will Allow IP In from the Zone to Any. These allow the two computers to communicate as they need to for file/print sharing.

Presuming that you have CFP on both computers, you will need to follow these steps on both machines; not just one.

That should do it for you. The only caveat would be if your IP addresses are obtained dynamically from the router (ie, they are not static, and change regularly), and fall outside of the range of the Zone. If that is the case, it’s easy enough to stipulate in Windows that the IPs are static (since they’re internal, this is not a security issue).

With a wireless router, you do want to make sure you’ve got good security, and your network rules/router configuration aren’t too loose. You may want to read this post:,6167.msg45481.html#msg45481

Please ask any further questions you have; we’ll make sure you get up and running.


Yes, that pretty much does it. As it turns out, the underlying problem is that the cable modem requires automatic IP addressing, but Comodo prefers fixed addresses. (Well, I guess I prefer them, too, but they make the cable modem not work.) With a narrow range of allowed LAN addresses, I’m running well. Thank you for your help.

Okay, good to know, etopro. I’m glad you got it working.

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