Re: Whats Your Security Setup?

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Media player spam removed. Again… 88)

Please stop adding it. Did you perhaps mean to post it in another thread?


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bad frogger u took what i said out of context. i was referring to application rules . further more you and HeffeD got all midevil on me because i posted a comment of personal opinion on the other software page where such a post should be made. you delete my post(s) and make a matter of knowledge and free speech personal it seems. then u thearten to ban me. well do it as far as i know i have not violated forum policy . don’t police my thoughts man ;D

sAyer, you continued to post about your favorite media player in this thread. This thread is not about media players, it is about your security setup. This thread is also not in the “other software page” as you say. It is in the “Other Security Products” section. Media players are not a security product. As such, posting in this thread or in this sub-forum is not an appropriate place to post about a media player. A post such as that is considered spam because its context is completely irrelevant to the topic being discussed.

I even sent you a link by PM to a thread on the forum specifically about media players and told you that the linked thread would be an appropriate place to post about your favorite media player. I’ll post it again for you here since you apparently disregard personal messages. What is the best free media player?

Please review the forum policy regarding Post Poisoning under Unacceptable Behaviors.

blah blah blah i say . . . . i’ll ban myself.

■■■■ much ?