Re: Ver. 5.9 (Pre-release discussion only)

I hope the New Year gift to wait for a Christmas tree?

i dont understand what you are asking
can you rephrase the question

I think he might be asking if CIS 5.9 is coming out this year.

Current plan is for it to come in 2 days (30th) :slight_smile: But it may change

What supposed to be new in 5.9? Are most the big changes in v6?

5.9 is fixing a ton of bugs, the big changes will be in v6, how ever 5.9 does have 1 or 2 new features. :wink: :slight_smile:

Its 30th n still no sign of 5.9 :frowning: :frowning: any estimate of when it will finally be available

Nothing currently other then soon.

When It’s Ready


As of now there’s been no official release date available to anyone. (Yes, not even us mods. ;))

any news about 5.9?

Why this is in beta corner. As 5.9 is going to be released version & not beta.

By the way I am from India & its Dec 2, 1.41 AM right now, waiting for 5.9 to be here. :slight_smile:


Today, 3rd, also without any news of Jesus.

WWJD ???

comodo usually doesnt release things on the weekends so maybe it will be released monday or tuesday

As Chiron mentioned, the developers have never actually announced a potential release date, even to the mods.

So it really doesn’t do any good to be counting the days after a release that hasn’t happened, when it was never even announced… 88)

Only the developers have any idea of when the release will happen.

ooww… thanks for clarify it. im happy with 5.8 but I really want (need) to use the url blocker :stuck_out_tongue:

What URL blocker you are talking about?

I dont think there’s going to be any such feature in 5.9.


the 5.9 version which i have doesnt have a url blocker ? ???

In Firewall tab You have the network zones, there You can Block an URL or IP adress.

But the URL blocker doesnt work in 5.8.