Re: V-Engine released


Keep up the great work! Melih should make you a mod to sticky this one and close the old one. :slight_smile:


Welcome back from a Firefox user. Great to see the friendly green line again.

I did miss you VE!


It doesn’t work out of the box and when I try to install VerificationEngine.xpi, Firefox gives me a “not compatible” warning. In other words, no green border at the moment.

It works fine on both my XP SP3 and Vista Home premium.

Installed and running as Firefox Add-ons for both. Maybe there is a problem with your Firefox Installation?

It’s working now.

The combination of FF and VEngine is marvelous. Thanks Comodo. :-TU

Greeting all,

Eventually Green Border is back to Firefox :-TU Thanks!

There were slight issues with installation and IE7 here still refuses to shine but that’s for another thread


Green? Green you say?
Nay, mine is blue, and stays that way.
Firefox 3 and VE are playing nice;
Aahh, have my cake and eat a slice.

SiberLynx and all, have a wonderful New Year’s!


Hey Little Mac!

Nice to see your message.

Happy New Year to you too and to all Comodians! :■■■■

P.S. if that will work in IE7 the same way it’s working in Fox I’ll do different colours for each side of rectangle ;D