Re: uninstall disaster II

I lost my whole disk trying to uninstall this program. It is unbootable. If somebody knows how to fix that I shall be pleased to hear from you. Of course the backup using Comodo backup won’t work since the computer won’t start!!!

Really sorry for the uninstallation issue.
It is a known issue of 157 release and we are working on this.
Please plug your harddisk into another computer to get your data back.

It will be fixed in next release.

We are doing our best to deliver a great product for all of you.


Thank you for your reply.

I am having trouble with Comodo Backup as well. I purchased a new HDD 500GB and partitioned it into two drives c: and d:.

I tried to restore the backup of the damaged drive but (as you will see if you refer to my post under CB) I am unable to do so. It is therefore clear to me that the Comodo programs are mostly faulty. I don’t even get a mention of a reply to my posts. I have Comodo Internet Security running but think I should maybe uninstall this and use some other model.

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