Re: to Reply#4 open media file get a virus (october 14, 2007)

 (From Partygoer007)

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Pardon my lack of knowledge but I thought that Comodo AV and Bioclean would scan the opening website’s HTML code for any malicious codes or malware. After all isn’t that part of that security’s software’s JOB. No disrespect to the comodo company but if that is not part of that software’s job; then it is that software’s major malfunction. If that software is not performing those kind of functions then what good is it?
just in case that someone is reading this and doesn’t know how to look up my email address I have posted it at the top of the page. I hope; I recieve emails on this matter and that includes Comodo’s tech support management and the company’s CEO

Yes this function is part of the software’s job and the software does do this, however if this is a new malware variant or if it is not yet in detection, even if it scans like it is supposed to it will detect nothing. This is not with only Comodo Antivirus, but with all antivirus programs. The software can only detect what is in its signature files.