Re: The Good, The Bad and The UGLY (ugly because its unknown!!)

Why was my post deleted?

I was wondering the same thing.

off topic


How about it’s moved to the forum violation board so everyone can see it Melih? That’s what normally happens. Looks like your trying to hide my post.

It was very much on topic btw, you asked me to provide a real threat and I did.

Kyle, you were simply pointing to another post in the forum. Information already exists in the forum.


I also asked for an apology… If I’m not going to get one, I’m seriously going to leave the forums for good and take my good intentions elsewhere. I made these preceding posts in the hope for a positive and productive outcome or at least for a constructive discussion, instead to be buried into the ground.

Melih, you asked for a real threat and I provided you with one.

Kyle it was already there in the forum, you didn’t provide anything new that wasn’t in the forum did you?


The forum is plenty of repeated post and nobody delete them.

Kyle’s point was: I was trying to hide the info…

My point was: How can I? its there in the forum as well as its here in this thread once before.



PS: I had warned Kyle Not to clutter this thread before but as you can see he kept ignoring it.

And this is on top of Kyle’s post in this very thread where he included the link once before already! So double posting in the same thread, after he has been told not to clutter. And his response is I am trying to hide info, although

  1. the info exists in this thread
  2. the info exists in other places in the forum.

So this is nothing short of spamming and thread hijacking.

Once you read this lordraiden, pls confirm so that i can split these off topic posts to the violation board…

It surprises me that I’m upset and somewhat emotional to leave…I’ve read back several posts and it makes me try to get my head around the facts on the way I’ve been handled and treated and that it’s un-acceptable to have gone on for so long, yet still here I am, upset. Strange thing a relation ships is.