Re: Suggestion for GeekBuddy/Comodo Support Team

I also know my way around most machines.had to un and re install too which calls for a full scan.normally no big deal BUT when a Geek buddy accessed my machine to help with an issue regarding the guarantee for reasons unknown said tech and use the word loosely did something in the registry so fast they took out or disabled my network adapters and corrupted the on the last is unclear.what was happening was the full scan called for would hang or stop at a certain application.instead of the ‘‘tech’’ finding that problem they downloaded it yet again forcing me to hunt it down in the registry myself and kill it.end result things work as intended guarantee activated.point here is if you are going to let a buddy access your machine be careful what you ask for or it WILL cost you like it did me without that guarantee to stand way to get hold of the Comodo Group after.this gives them a black eye they do not need finding a good or better place among other vendors. if this considered a thread hijack I apologize as it seemed to fit the topic.