Re: Split

I’ve seen a report over the past week that the latest Windows 10 updates has caused some people to lose internet access. Is it possible that CIS is stopping Microsoft from damaging their system?

I do not have enough details on that problem.
Interesting nonetheless. Not a bug though. lol

PS1: I see they have workaround anyway. Don’t see a problem.
PS2: In theory, it’s possible. That’s a pretty vague issue to solve.

I was going to edit my first message, but since qmarius has replied, I’m not feeling that it’s appropriate to edit it now.

I should have written:
from damaging their system (or improving their system from Microsoft’s point of view)

It must be tough for Comodo, or anyone else, to make an unsafe system safe without creating system problems. Now that the world is trying to tear down the New World Order, hopefully more people will stop talking about it, and actually switch to Linux.