Re: Setting a bookmark?. [Solved]

I installed the Comodo Dragon browser this morning and am quite impressed by it in fact having been a Firefox fan for years. I like the ease of use and the way that my Firefox bookmarks were imported during the install. Now I am probably missing something completely simple here but I cannot find a “Save as bookmark” option anywhere in the settings. Can anyone tell me where I can find this option. I am currently using the bookmark links in my Firefox import but would like to know how I can bookmark a new site in Dragon without having to copy the address from Dragon-open Firefox-paste link and bookmark-then import new bookmark from Firefox to Dragon?. My OS is Win7 Home Premium 64bit.

Hi bluesjunior,
If you have a bookmarks bar showing you can drag the website icon in the left side of the address bar to the bookmarks bar, or click the star in the right side of the address bar to bookmark to your desired location and name.

Edit: Bookmarks help file here.

Thanks a lot for the reply Cap’n, I just knew it was so obvious that it was staring me in the Anyway problem solved now so thanks again.

The easiest things are sometimes the hardest ;), glad to help.