Re: Rootkit-driver install not intercepted?

Instead of going around and bad mouthing Comodo with its D+ over at Wilders why don’t you wait till Egman and the team come out with a newer version. I have proven that D+ gives you a proper alert when in Safe mode but you insist on using Paranoid mode.

Having read the Wilders thread, I wouldn’t characterize aigle’s questions/comments there as “bad mouthing”.
He put a noticeable effort into documenting his findings, and his effort should be commended.
Several security applications, including CFP 3, will be improved as a result.

When he keeps on doing :-TD

Hey! I particularly love his EQS :-TU when the thing spits out “foo will obtain administrator privileges” warnings (which are so great that they pretty much guarantee 95% of users will click Allow out of the habit to get rid of the pop-up). Never speak about malware in pop-up warnings. ;D

P.S. I have nothing against testing and finding out bugs and no animal nor malware has been harmed while writing this post… :slight_smile:

Kudos to the mod who decided to split this thread, rather than delete said OT responses like some of the mods on some other well known security forums.