Re: Questions regarding development of CIS

can you just stop being a kid and let people answer by theirselfes? i asked ming. let ming answer… or not…

jesus christ… what a fanboy…

Ming can still answer your question.
I was just venting my thoughts, nothing more, nothing less.

AFAIK Ming is a member of the CIS development team and not the CCS/Corporate product development team.

Also he mentioned being busy, no person in their right mind would expect a fast answer in this case.

Regarding ‘being a kid’, this is said by the same person who called Comodo CEO a Troll recently, right? And now you just going to straight insult Forum members and expect to get away with it? I hope the Mods will sure give you what you seem to be asking for.

and now you are trying to makes things going in another direction whe trying to inflame things. dont be ridiculous.

im waiting ming to answer. he is a dev, so he may not have time to check the forum, this is ok. i get it and i can wait. no problems with it. but the question was for ming, not the kid who is trying to be smart here.

now you? im starting to guess youre a long time user i here that got banned and now is trying to stay close… im just watching…

dont take things from the context. im not insulting anyone. the kid here is trying to be smart and i said he is a kid for answering things he was not questioned. wheres the insult here?

the thing abou melih, look at what i was answering and read my text again… there is no insult there too.

don try that. dont be a kid too…

Is that the new style of discussion?

So far, I have always found the discussion here to be on a respectful, factual level.

We don’t have user behaving like kids in this forum.

My former forum account was mmalheiros and it was never banned - The Mods know about it.

They also know that you [at]victorlopes is also the former users [at]vitim and [at]yro, the latter one which was banned for breaking the Forum Policy multiple times. You are trying to get away with it by blaming on others your past actions. The Mods know about you and your actions.

You are a former banned member, called Melih the CEO a Troll, and now insist in calling other Forum members a kid. You are uncontrolled, rude, unable to live civilly in an environment of technical and respectful debate, you are the only one acting like a child here and what you deserve is to be judged and condemned by the Forum Policy in the strictest possible way.

I sure hope it will happen.