Re: Please read before updating to Microsoft Update KB4022716(OS Build 15063.447)

Well… The update did NOT install: Error 0x80070005
This is more usual than unusual… Windows 10 is a joke. And the joke is on us. I wish IBM had never signed a contract with Bill Gates in the first place…! That is one of the biggest technological disasters of the 20’s century.
If Microsoft had to pay compensation for all the time humans have wasted because his OS software doesn’t work properly, Bill Gates wouldn’t be among the richest men on Earth, but among the poorest…!

How do you know this is a Microsoft-related issue and not a 3rd_party_SW-related issue?

Even if Windows cannot update itself because of some 3rd party software I presume it would still be due to characteristics of the windows OS.

@ Henrik

You can’t be serious. In the current architecture, apps are sitting on top of the operating system. When the operating system changes, which is the master, the apps, including security apps, need to adapt in order to stay compatible. It is COMODO’s job to remain compatible with Windows, not the other way around unless COMODO develops their own operating system.

Are you talking to me? Because I can’t see how your comments are related to my posts? I am talking about win 10 not being able to install its own updates. I can’t see how that has anything to do with comodo or any other company?

I give you this exemple: you installed a 3rd party firewall that blocks windows update. Is it Microsoft’s fault if Windows can’t update?

OK. So you think that COMODO firewall is blocking windows updates? Then why does everybody else use comodo without that problem? Can you show me a source that says that blocked windows updates is a common problem with comodo firewall?

Maybe. But you are certainly missing the point of my posts… And if we continue this talking at cross-purposes we are wasting the time for the rest here.

Perhaps you guys are running OUTDATED versions of Windows 10?
The option is right there as instructed. It may not be there if you are running a different version of Windows 10.

On the discussed OS vs. 3rd party topic, it’s the OS’s business to be backwards compatible. Users may well use, and some of them really need, old software, no longer actively maintained, or have other reasons not to update 3rd party software, and many, MANY of them do. OS shouldn’t break compatibility with updates. Even entirely new versions should do their best to remain backwards compatible, but updates to one version should have that at the top of the priority list, don’t break anything. You know, “first do no harm”.

I have split all off-topic posts to this topic therefore please continue discussion here thanks.

Definitely not true, otherwise 3rd party SWs won’t have to show “compatible with Win 7, 8 and 10”, they would be compatible even with Win 3.1

Mine was just an example, my meaning was that sometimes 3rd party SWs can break Windows down. It happened to me long time ago with Avast and Private Firewall when they updated themselves