Re: PC Security Labs July Test

Malware Travel Advisory Warning

To American Customers Traveling to Asia

If you are traveling to Asia with your computers be aware you will be putting your computers to the malware lions’ den. What do I mean by that? Well to paraphrase languy99 again Asian malware seem to dislike prospective North American customers or should I say victims; thus they tend to stay put in Asia. All in all they seem to be very patriotic.

Please do not give these diehard Asian Malware an opportunity to have a feast on your valuable identities and data. Consequently, I would greatly beseech you to uninstall your Norton, McAfee, CA or even Authentium and install instead K7 Computing, Cat Quick Heal, Ahnlab or Kingsoft etc…

Why do you have to take these extreme measures? Well, again according to languy99, Western computer security vendors would be the least informed and the last to make the acquaintance of these Asian critters since they are more used to North American ones. On the other hand Asian computer security vendors would be more suited to stand against their evil compatriots. Essentially, I would also advise to have dual licenses for when your trip is over you still have to go back home and then and only then your North American or even European security software would be useful.

PS: I’m blowing your fishy story out of the water languy99. Please I would like you to have a verbal disclaimer when you are making your tests to say: “Since my samples are non Asian malware samples, thus I cannot test anymore Asian security software.” Essentially you would also have to recant the results of previous Asian software like K7 Computing… Don’t you think?


Any member is allowed to express his views and opinions.

But this post includes spamming by repetitiveness, trolling by repetitive posting of un-cited and unsubstantiated claims (geographical distribution of malware) and directing of views and opinions at a single member whether it is a Regular Member or a Moderator.


What’s wrong? Can someone tell me what did I do wrong? Forum users posted their opinions and I’m commenting on what they have posted including languy99 posts. No can tell me to stop since I’m not doing anything wrong. Stop for what, really? Until then I’m still waiting for the forum rules that I violated. You told me sir to read the forums rule well guess what? I did, now it is your turn to tell me which one of these that I violated. A forum is open communication medium. As long as I’m not violating any Comodo forums rules or policies then no one can tell me to stop formulating my opinion on a particular subject related to the topic of the thread.


Sir someone moved the post above. You post something about me and I think I have the right, in fairness, to give you a reply on the same thread. Nevertheless I’m still waiting for you to tell me which one of the forum rules that I violated. Please tell me, if you have the truth on your side.