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Let’s post some more malware that COMODO miss. 100 of it. Also hand-selected :wink:

Kyle, do not interfere with Melih. I “did” and he told me not to. Deven is doing a great job “promoting” COMODO :-TU

Even do I told you, obviously not working and more than happy to chime in and make your contribution (what that is I am still trying to figure out lately).

Why can’t you be positive and help people Coctail? Why do you have to be the one that sees it half empty? What are you gaining by doing that? Honestly man, look at the mirror and ask yourself! Its time to move on…


Of course, Now lock the thread? This has no real value as anybody could create a topic and say “antivirus X catches what others miss!”

Look at last lines i shown comodo av missed malware detection too. so why (Kyle) saying i only showing the samples where comodo av detects malware?

This has a value to many including me if you see responses from people in this thread only, for many it is of great value, In this thread i highlighted melih’s view in the way i understood “antivirus should not be the first line of defense and default deny process is way forward”.
2nd to see from this thread is that no doubt comodo av can miss malwares like other reputed antivirus also do, but now comodo antivirus detection is improving.

C’mon people, let’s stop this. Anyone can flud this thread with random VirusTotal scans showing misses and detections.

To Melih :

I am positive. I like COMODO. I’m looking forward to CIS v4. But I’m trying to be objective as possible and not to pick sides.
I admire you for your hard work, providing FREE security and other tools, but the problem IMHO is that you are too sensitive, too confident (without proper backup) and sometimes selfish. I hate these qualities in any person.


so whats my favourite colour then :slight_smile: since you know me so well :slight_smile:

Chill will you coctail…Since I asked you to leave as a mod you have been anti comodo and everyone knows it. Lets not pretend you are a great Comodo supporter. You are an ex mod who was asked to leave modship for what you did and now have an axe to grind. Stop it Coctail… you are not helping anyone. I have wasted enough time with you and my precious time is better served serving my community and the people who need what I do. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose and do and please leave us alone.


Of course, Now lock the thread? This has no real value as anybody could create a topic and say “antivirus X catches what others miss!”

My post was intended to stop flaming. You’re now pouring gas. Fine. I won’t be as childish.

You are completely wrong about me having a grudge against COMODO.

  1. I didn’t asked to be a mod.
  2. I won’t defend COMODO just because I was a mod and COMDOO was wrong.
  3. Can you please clarify what I did to get thrown out of the mod boards by you ? Could you please make that thread public ?

Your favorite color is white :wink:

Its orange actually…

nuff said…


You are avoiding the questions again :slight_smile:

You missed the other questions Melih ( i posted twice :frowning: )

Kyle if you dont see any value in this thread, it will be nice you ignore it, for the people who are having interest in what this thread offering they will refer to it, thats very easy to do than locking thread. :a0

This is a very biased thread you have created.

Sure he lost my trust by revealing some of the information I shared with mods in confidence in public! He knows it :wink: Thats why I couldn’t have him having access to the mods board where I share confidential information about what we are doing in the company etc with Mods cos I didn’t know what other confidential information he was going to release to public.

Bottom line is, I lost my trust in him and asked him to leave cos I couldn’t afford to leak all these company confidential information.


You expressed your view i respect it, but other people expressed & expressing there views differently for them its not the way you seeing it.

Okay. That confidential information was your words - " I can provide 100 malware that bypasses online Armor, G-Data, and a bunch of other antimalware tools, but not bypass CIS"

What’s so confidential in this ? Where’s the secret ? If you can do that, that’s incredible news and everybody should know that. :a0

So for the last time - can you do that ?

Off topic : Cocktail, are you Commodus ???

Greetz, Red.

Actually such a thread would be welcomed by the devs I’m sure.