Re: Notice of discontinuation of development and support.

Hey guys, I have a suggestion that can make the Comodo website look more uncluttered, Why not remove the Discontinued products from the Product page such as Comodo Secure Email, Comodo Antispam and Comodo Verification Engine? Same goes with Comodo Cloud Scanner, That way the website wouldn’t look cluttered since these products are already discontinued, Why not remove them?

  1. You seem to be posting in the wrong place.
  2. The website does not look cluttered.
  3. Active interest may remain in a product that has been discontinued, put on ice, or whatever.

Yes it does look cluttered since the discontinued products are still being features on the website.

But you admit point no 3.


I don’t think it looks cluttered.

I do think it gives people some history of what products Comodo have
developed/discontinued in the past…which some people have asked about.
I’d like to see it stay, just from an historical point of view.



Also whilst they are still on the website there is a chance they may be developed in the future.