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avast in fact also wants to hurt gdata and comodo,avast treats these two like ■■■■ btw im not happy of with avast is doing to these two i mean what did gdata and comodo do to avast cause them this to happen.

in fact i thank gdata for its ability to kill its firewall if one is present gdata will kill it and make that firewall as its own if a anthor is there

so far it only works with 64 bit i haven’t see gdata kill it own firewall in the 32 bit

I have no idea what this is about

I don’t think Avast wants to disadvantage nor Comodo or G Data. Those are unfortunately compatibility issues that simply happen.

i have proof that avast wants to hurt gdata.

this is the response i get from one of staff from avast

No, the only reason this company exists is to hurt your beloved gdata as much as
possible under any circumstances.

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can you guys help gdata out more because your av is falling behind and its
affecting gdata badly.

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Now now, nsm, remember that it is against AV-C policy to post the direct page to the test results so please do edit the link. :a0 And yes, I am everywhere. Hello.

Now I have an idea what nsm0220 meant… I almost wish I didn’t.

wtf did you come from and what are doing here WinDefend you have already ruin my life

I cannot find a link in his posts.
Please refrain from flame baiting.
It is against Forum Policy.

I don’t think an email content from Peter Kurtin should be made publish here also.
And, if edited and out of context, it cannot be shown as proof.

I really don’t think so. Like Eric said, compatibility issues.

Because he removed the pdf link before you posted (or had a look)… I mean, did you think about that? No, no, no, I am not flame baiting and had no intention of provoking nsm like you have assumed.

Sure, I’ll answer your question. I made an account last year to post my feedback on Comodo (at the time, I had recently trialed it) and to answer some questions about Panda Cloud. Turned out pbust had made an account here so that was cool. :slight_smile: Well, that pretty much sums it up.

i don’t think so after all your avast! team member admitted that avast wants to hunt gdata so can explain why your avast! teammate said that and if you want to see the email i be more then happy to show it to you

why do me a favor and go back to pca forum where they treat you like loyalty and they treat me like ■■■■


If you have a problem with Avast or Panda or anyone else, please do not bring your argument here. We have no desire to become uninterested onlookers.

I would like this to be the end.

Ewen :frowning: :P0l

okay but if the two play games like this again i well be mad

I am confident that WinDefend will not provoke you. Think of this as your opportunity to not provoke anyone.

Ewen :slight_smile:

My dear fellow, I’m not sure you need to be so concerned about the effect of Mr Kurtin’s formerly covert agenda, when IMO your video reviews of GData 2013 are far more likely to “hurt GData” than any fiendishly clever plot by Avast to destroy GData by making their own scan engine and definitions as inferior as possible.

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Please check your ■■■. :slight_smile:

who are you

It doesn’t matter. The issue has been addressed.

Please can we end this. I doubt it will end up productive.

not you this person named The CEO