Re: Network control Rule

I often use a VPN server for p2p.

My Azureus listening port is 54983 and as advised I have created netmon rule to allow input from that port.

When using the vpn I am getting a huge number of inbound policy violations (:NRD) , access denied… port 45147. I presume this is something to do with the way vpn works and I should create a netmon rule for that port as well. Am I correct?

As you are so helpful and quick in resonse, and I have not on this occasion had a reply I write to highlight my question.

Check out this link:,6167.msg45527.html#msg45527. The bold red text next to the author’s name is a link to the original post, where there may be even more info you can use, and ask questions as need be.


I have my VPN connection working and I can surf through it to the web. For p2p it is recommended by the vpn supplier that I do not use their firewalled feed and they advise against the connection to the feed being made a trusted zone.

From this I have deduced that a normal connection would be sufficient as that does not default to trusted. Presumably I have to specifically make an address trusted otherwise it will not be.

As mentioned above I am getting 45147 port in, blocked by Comodo. This only happens when I connect through the vpn. Can you see any problem with allowing it through?

Can you post that log entry?

Is the IP address always the same, too, or just the port?

Can you verify that this is the associated port for using the VPN (in other words, that it’s not some other random connection attempt).

Bottom line is, yes, you will probably need to create a network rule (just like you do with p2p apps) to allow that connection In. Have you read the p2p tutorials for setting that up?,6167.msg45504.html#msg45504


The attached entries are taking place without being connected to azureus ie it was not loaded when the entries appeared. Should I be making a multiple port rule in the netmon?


[attachment deleted by admin]

There’s no difference between creating 2 netmon rules for TCP/UDP for those 2 ports or creating one netmon rule for both other than being efficient so you have less rules on your list. I like efficiency, so I would recommend that you set it as one rule whenever possible.

How do I deal with the inbound blocked ports changing every time I log into the vpn?

Today I logged into the vpn and the ports were:

52336, 14752, 1720, 1026, 1027

I logged out and in again



I don’t use VPN, but I’d want to verify what ports were needed with it, before I created Allow rules…


I will ask in the vpn’s conference about the ports. I think I am going to be told that the ports alter each time, but I will enquire and report back.