Re: Malwares (not detected) - Discussion...

Not true.Detected by Twister and NOD 32 .:slight_smile:

It’s true. Before I wrote the post I checked that was not yet detected by any antivirus, including your Nod. Only when I checked the sample on virustotal, after the check, Nod has added detection.

My NOD? Wow, big mistake.I do not use it.:))

Guy’s i splitted this “discussion” posts from the original one to keep that one clean…

You did well Ronny. :-TU

it’s unnecessary timing which is the antivirus that first detects ‘x’ malware, because for one who is recognized immediately there are also hundreds that are beyond the detection of any anti-virus.

“Your Nod” of course does not mean literally it is yours antivirus, but “your” as you mentioned it.

No “big mistake” for me but little understend for you. :slight_smile: