Re:Link to Free Comodo Products


Since the actual topic is locked,I’m doing it this way.
If in the wrong topic area,please move it.

When I click this link:

I get this:

I hope you can see the distortion in the text,which makes it unreadable.
I’m using IE6 SP2 up-to-date, on XP SP2 Dual monitors
This happens about 1 in 300 websites,which makes me believe it’s the coding
in the pages rather than my setup.
Any suggestions?
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Welcome to the forums,

I checked the image that you provided. It reminds me of the times where I had similiar problems with the older versions of IE. I think this is more of a problem of your setup. I also have a desktop by my side with the same config as what you have stated (IE IE6 SP2 up-to-date, on XP SP2 but not dual monitor). This also happens with me sometimes when use Hotmail on a slow Internet connection. It usually goes away with a few refreshes.

Unfortunately, I do not know the solution to your problem. I am sure some of the admins will look into your problem soon enough.

Yours truly,

Dutchie: Is it possible that you have your default font setting to be larger than normal? Try reducing it to normal size and see if the problem persists, pls.

I’m very sorry to be so late with my response,but
1.I was away and 2.I did not receive any noticication of any replies.

Anyway,here she goes:Thanks to DoomScythe and Paulofor trying to answer my question.

OK, refreshing does not help.
Before I posted the question,I had played around with the font sizes to see if that made a change,just as Paulo suggested.
I tried through View - TextSize and also through my EasyRead buttons,
(EasyRead EasyRead lets you view webpages at the size you want )
(BTW,their other free tools are interesting as well)
Either way no luck :frowning:
Also tried different resolutions - no luck.
Like I said,this only happens to certain pages on some websites,
which made me believe it was the coding in the page.
Anyway,it’s just annoying at times because I can’t read what I need to know.

I get a warning when i look at your image Dutchie. See the screenshot. Does it really look like that for you? :o
The warning say that it is something wrong in line 465 and it looks like this:

That doesn’t solve your problem, but i just wondered if the page look like that for you?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Dutchie,
Thanks for posting your feedback.

The screenshot indicates that the free products page has a yellow background, is that what you see?

Please try clearing your browser cache in IE (tools → Internet Options → Delete Files) and close your browser.

Does the problem still persist?

If so, please post a new screenshot (hit ‘print screen’ on your keyboard and paste into ms paint) to this topic or feel free to email me.

Thanks again.

Did you fix it? I used Firefox, Win XP, SP2,… (have still the same) and saw the same ‘‘flaw’’, but didn’t care much for it. Now works fine (about a week later)…

Since everyone thinks that it is a setup problem, I suggest that using the Windows Support Forums @

would be more effective at solving the problem. This forum is very useful for people with troubles on Office, WMA, internet explorer and so on. Try posting under Internet, and you should be able to get some help.