Re: Kiosk hangs on starting - how to fix? [v6]

i have done what you said and kiosk desnt load keeps spinng forever do you have any other sugestions?
i would apreceate help thanks

I think you should probably try re-installing in this case. Did it ever reset successfully?

yes it use to maybe there is any program that makes it hang i dont now im using windows 8 64 bits .

i just reinstal again and stil the same kiosk doesnt start , and i notice that internet explorer , opens but than freezes , being sandboxed , runing virtualized, this is strange do you have any ideas thank you for the help!

Just to eliminate another possibility, what happens when you reinstall it by following the methods I suggest in this topic?

Also, do you have any other security applications currently installed? Also, if you did in the past be sure to run the uninstall tools for them as part of the reinstall process.

i have notice that process rundll32 doesnt load when kiosk is starting i sae this with killswitch shouldn`t it be there?

nothing of your advises worked it stil hangs and there other users having same problem hope it will be fixed next update thanks for your help

Please wait a little longer and see if anyone else has any other ideas. If not then please do make a bug report for this. Be sure to use the format provided in this post.