Re: Is Comodo Memory Firewall in CPF v.3

I am an occasional gamer and use both cfp cmf and avira and have no problems. CMF has virtually no effect on the performance. It just sits there watching for BO’s :wink:

Gosh SP3 took forever. Turned out that I had to reset my registry permissions! What a palarva but eventually found out what I needed to do.


Hmm, that’s kinda odd, alot of peeps been having 1 type of issue or another, most get a BSOD during game play, had it for a week without any issues so idk was just wondering on the cmf to see if they conflicted and have added it atm so ill let you know

question so is there plan that on some point in future become the CMF module of CPF3+ ?

It will. Definetly. :slight_smile: