Re: Internet connection dropping

I recently updated my Comodo and eversince have not been able to connect to the internet without disabling my firewall. My connection then only lasts for 20 minutes or so and I have to disable again. Obviously, I should not be disabling. Any ideas?

What version did you upgrade from - to?

You can always Export your settings and do a fresh install - Remember to remove the leftover Comodo Directories! Located: C;/Program Files/Comodo ; C:/Documents and settings/all users/application data/comodo & c:/Documents and settings/[username]/application data/comodo. - These get left behind during uninstall and you should run something like Ccleaner to remove any invalid entries once you done the above. Restart and then do a fresh install.

Alternatively, look at your Trusted Zones under Firewall icon and see if they are setup properly. You may need to delete the Zones except for the Loopback, re-start and Comodo will automatically re-detect your network.