Re-installing Windows Vista

Hi there,

I am fixing a computer for another person.

I would probably need to reinstall Windows as a last resort to fix update-errors. The computer does NOT have a recovery CD or a recovery partition on the HDD. So I would need to download an online ISO and re-install using a DVD.

Can anyone confirm for sure that:

As long as I still have the OEM product key on the bottom of the PC, I can use that to activate Windows Vista once I have re-installed it using a downloaded Windows Vista ISO?

I am getting conflicting info online; some say OEM and downloaded Windows ISOs are different when it comes to the product key. Some say as long as you still have the key it is OK.



The only problem I have had in the past with previous Windows versions, is if it is a multi key from a factory install.

Sorry cannot remember how I finally sorted that, I think it complained but finally accepted it in the end.

Always have a 3 month image now to reinstall my OS.

Can you download an image of or get an installation DVD sent from the OEM? That would be easiest.

Ummm… that PC seems to be custom built and does not even have the Product Key on the bottom. From what I can see on the HDD it seems like it has been upgraded from XP to Vista.

Just to make sure I dont mess things up, I have decided not to reinstall Windows. Instead, I would leave it without the ability to install Windows updates; but I have installed Comodo Firewall and Avast av as another layer of protection (Windows firewall and Windows Defender can not be updated). Also, I asked the clients to use Chrome and Dragon instead of IE.

Do you think this would be secure enough?

Windows Defender can not be updated
I think windows defender is a waste of cpu cycles, but that's just my opinion especially if there's no more updates. >:-D
Do you think this would be secure enough?
A software for making automatic backup copies of your important files or full backups would be nice as bad stuff happens

If interested, this is a nice site that’ll explains the different kinds of backups avaiable and will help you narrow down what you want