Re: Give all that for FREE!!! What's the Catch? How does Comodo Make Money?

Hi manos!

I never hear about Comodo Firewall until a famous site about technology told about Pc Magazine Test’s and showed the winner: Comodo Firewall.

I’m anxiety to use this, but I’d just like to make a question: Is it some incompatibility with Avast Antivirus? I say this cause I’m still (still) using ZA free edition and people use both have some problem with this…

I think that ZA in my Pc will become dust as soon I download Comodo Firewall Personal…

Other question: The version offered in this page is the lastest version? Comodo has automatic update?

Thanks for atention and sorry for my english… I’m tryin’ get betta!

Cheers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

André Anselmo (V)

Right now, yes, there is:

I’m trying to solve this at avast forum and will try to get some Comodo staff help…

There is no problems with avast and ZA (free). The ZA (pro) must have its privacy options disabled.
There are no problems with them. You can find info at avast forums.

The last stable version is offered.
Yes, Comodo has an automatic update (at logon).

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How do they make money?

Tech ,
thanks for atention…

Now, I’m reading topic about translation for portuguese.


I have always used Comodo with Avast and have never had a problem. Nobody answered his question, how do you make money?

Testy: It was answered below already. (Same link.) :slight_smile:

They steal candy from kids, and sell the candy on eBay… :wink:

Just kidding…you get the answer on the link Paulo gave you.

Melih seems to suggest that Comodo firewall will always be free.

My question: is it likely that there will actually be TWO versions of Comodo firewall–
one free and the other (perhaps with more features) a paid product??

Just wondering aloud!


It has been asked before and Melih clearly stated that Comodo will not go down this route, but there may be versions which have for example central management capabilites (on a network), etc which may be payed for.


A little late in the discussion as I was looking for another issues, but I’ve been running Comodo Firewall with Avast Antivirus for a couple months now with NO issues.

About catch, how we be sure you dont put some backdoor in it for any intelligence agency, can you make source code free since application is free anyway?

Melih, the big boss, have told us before, that the firewall don’t have any backdoors or such ■■■■, I can’t find the thread now, but I am sure Melih will answer in this thread soon.

Yeah, but if they did they would not be talking about it, right? (:KWL)

Yeah, but I trust the big boss anyway

Crapware should be free. 2.4 won’t install correctly on many computers. It’s a roll of the dice as to whether it will work on any given system. The installer obviously has serious problems. There is no response to requests for help. They don’t have to respond, since the program is free. They work on things like improving the Help files instead of fixing the ■■■■■■■ up installer. Every release is a beta (regardless of what they call it), leaving YOU to discover the program’s shortcomings, and deal with the aftermath.

Yes, it’s free. But so is the pile of dog ■■■■ in your front yard.


this is the 3rd negative posting you have made that I am answering.
Obviously you had some issues and you didn’t seem to get an answer to it. Pls help me find the issues with your problem so that we can resolve it.
Its easier and quicker for you to ask us all here what your issues are, than you keep repeating the same thing about you not getting support in many different postings.

we want to help!



My issue is the “monitor won’t turn on” issue. Attempts to configure the firewall with the monitors enabled are ignored in v2.4. I’m not the only one with this issue. It has been posted many times, and no one has offered a viable solution to any of the posters who complain of this issue. My support tickets on the subject went unanswered.

Little Mac has PM’d me and has offered to follow up. My replies to other topics have been in support of the poster’s issues, letting them, and other readers, know that they are not the only ones having issues, and to hopefully get the attention of someone at Comodo who is willing to help.

If someone had offered some usable assistance (or answered my support tickets) in the last month, I would not be so critical. I will tone down my rhetoric for the time being in anticipation of some resolution to my unresolved issues with CFP.

Thank you for


Ok. thanks
can you create a new post in the help section pls and PM me the details… and see if we can do something about this… (if there is no way to do it… then we’ll tell you that also…)

Well, on 29th Jan, u had 5 postings and a lot of profanity. Not the best way to ask for help!
ok lets put that behind us and see what we can do for you.