Re: Even with correct rules nat it's not open

If geek buddys are like you certainly i don’t resolve nothing.
you can help bedouins like you installing a word processor as im the geek buddy of my self.
And that firewall don’t work correctly since the rules are for allowing what i was writing in the first topic.
Anyway it’s not a problem i use you’r comodo firewall until it’s free after cr4ck3rs become in my help.
ah, you can have fun reporting that isp. it’s not a problem that it’s a proxy and i changed user agent of firefox for become another language and also i changed the icon bar language, the firewall language too but i think before all of your’s doesn’t have the mind for image that, since i speak 3 languages.
ah, 3 languages im in my native HOUSE(country) and im white :slight_smile: and i can’t wait israel nuke iran because i can’t wait of the muslims holocaust ha ha ha :slight_smile: I LIKE COMODO but The idea it’s something ReLated to a TURK make me disgusted.
But i JUST believe all humans are equal.
Except celtics people : LOOK At the noises of JEWS and ARABS is they aren’t The Same Thing?but the only difference jew it’s the first religion.
They hate togheter but they are the samething ha ha ha
Remember my words our white people’s it’s tired of being poisoned by humans monkeys ibrid.
And remember our white people’s don’t care nothing of jesù another same thing of jews and muslims.
We are pagans: we just don’t like you and our great satan it’s his time for make your’s lives impossible.
I forgot to say my origins are the same of the dear adolf, my blood it’s austrian before you think im are i am deformed slav
Ah another thing it’s better you don’t have partners for certificates i have a surprise for you that explode when you do not expect.