Re-enabling a dll that is blocked with Defense+

I’m running v3 on XP SP2.

In response to an alert I told CFP to block execution of uxtheme.dll and remember my answer. Is it possible to re-enable access to this dll? If so, where & how?



First of all, you must know which application that was going to execute uxtheme.dll.
Once you’ve found out, open CFP and go to Defense+AdvancedComputer Security Policy.
Now find the rules for the application that you blocked to execute uxtheme.dll.
Then click Access RightsRun an executableModify… and remove it from Blocked Applications.
You should now get an alert when the application tries to execute it the next time.


Thank you for the quick response. It took me a moment to determine what the calling application was because I wasn’t trying to run an application as such. But for the benefit of others, the Defense+ event log identifies the calling process. And the in this case it was rundll32.exe (duh!).

Armed with that info, and your instructions, the uxtheme.dll was easily re-enabled.

Thanks again!

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