re: Defense+ Instalation Mode Not Working

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Ever since I updated to v3.0.25.378, I have been having issues when installing my other applications. This also happens on my Vista x64 PC suggesting it is an actual Comodo issue.

As before, when installing an app, I would run its setup file (or whatever) and then when prompted by Comdo’s Defense+, I would select to treat the app as an ‘Installer/Updater’ in the warning dialog alert, and additionally, give permission to switch to ‘Instalation Mode’ with the second dialog box.

This has also been causing problems when running Windows Update. Additionally, I have also been experiencing problems when marking an app as “Trusted Application” when alerted via dialog warning, then still getting continual alerts on it. I can get around this, if it is a signed executable, by going into Comodo configuration and adding it to “My Own Safe Files”, but again this is only signed executables. If it is not a signed executable I can’t add it.

!ot! Ya know, I went to the support center and have three tickets submitted (two I re-opened myself) asking about specific information and help but simply got a copy/paste answer from the manual. I went to the support center on advice from these forums,;msg104330#msg104330 expecting answers from Comdo Staff, yet there broad reply to me has left me doubtful of their abilities. Why would I ever pay for them to “help” me (Comdo Firewall Plus…which I have actually been considering). ???

I never have any troubles using install mode. Did you read the sticky’s under important topics? When ever I install something I open up Comodo and switch to install mode. You can also put D+ in training mode. Works like a charm.

I would not really have noticed these problems had my keyboard/mouse app not been updated. And then tried installing a couple other apps to see if it was just my new KB/M package. The problem persists and is especially annoying when updating windows.

I have not tried the manually turning to Train Mode as I have not had this issue until just recently (after updating Comodo to v3.0.25.378).

My system specs are:
P4 HT 3 GHz and over 1gb ram available and XP sp3 32bit, HW DEP Optout.
Other apps: Avira Antivir, Comodo Safesurf, Riva Tuner, Unlocker assistant, Speedfan, Daemon tools, Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0.25, COMODO Vulnerability Analyzer, Logitech Setpoint 4.60.122

Installation mode works fine here to.

If I understood correctly alerts are presented in installation mode.

Maybe this is a software conflict issue.

What are you installed security softwares?

Did you install/update some security software on both machines recently?

Did you run a full install of CFP or did you update a previous version?