Re: Defence+ Settings

Thank you for the link Vettetech. But I didn’t learn anything new. I’m not a noob (altough, I may look like one).

As said, my comp becomes unusable after some time when in Safe or Paranoid Mode. It partly freezes when doing ordinary operations. Such as, opening task manager, display properties, etc… And after that I can not shut down certain process to unfreeze my comp. If I for an example try to open display properties, change minutes for screensaver and click ok, display properties will get freezed. After that, I am trying to open task manager but it doesn’t work. If I press Alt+Ctrl+Del many green icons will show up on the taskbar, but task manager will not open. The only option left is reset button on my comp.

As I said, this only happens in Safe Mode and Paranoid Mode. And I still don’t see what I am doing wrong (if it’s me). The comp can not be infected with malware cause I reinstalled less then 24 hours ago and didn’t visit any dangerous web site.

I am using Comodo Free Firewall and Avast Pro.

Comodo only has a free firewall. What version are you using? Older versions of Comodo and Avast didnt play nice together.

Hi Cassie,

This is a strange one by the sounds of it.Couple of things to try for starters have you tried the Diagnostics check under miscellaneous.Also in Defence+/Predefined Security Policy under Windows System Applications/Edit/access rights/Modify next to run an executable do you have a * and then Allow checked for the rest.Also under Defence+/Computer Security Policy/Comodo Firewall Pro/Protection Settings do you just have “Interprocess Memory access and Process Terminations” checked Yes and under Modify “Windows System Applications”
Before your system becomes unstable does anything come up in D+ logs.
Have you tried doing a fresh install (what version are you on by the way)

What spec is your comp and what OS Vista/XP 32 or 64 bit


I already asked him what version is he using and in his first post he said he is using XP Pro SP2.

First of all I am she.


Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP 2 (will update to SP3 in a few days, I already see it on the update site).

AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor
2,00 GHz 480 MB of RAM

As you can see my comp isn’t the best in the world but still works fine for none gamer pc user. (:TNG)

My Windows is 32 Bits so Comodo is 32 Bits too. The newest version.

I’ve checked everything you told me. Everything seems to be fine. There is one thing I don’t know how to do. Where to find D+ logs?

Thanks for helping me. Maybe this happens only cause firewall is “learning”. I never used Paranoid Mode before untill last night (and never had problems with Comodo before).

You need to let the firewall learn for a couple of days thats why I sent you that link. To find you logs simply go to D+\D+ events. And Firewall\Firewall Events.

Yup, I found them now. Didn’t look good enough. Thanks.

You really want to consider upping your ram to 1 gig. Its will only cost you $50 or less and will increase your speed by atleast 100%.

Hi cassie,

The HIPS aka D+ does a lot of writing to the registry for protected files/keys etc so it can be wise to make applications you know are ok “Trusted” in D+,this way you will only be alerted if that application runs an exe for the first time or if something else tries to modify it.Your specs should be ok,what does task manager say for cmdagent.exe and for cfp.exe,should be around 8000K and 3000k.Also do you have anything in “My pending Files” if so do a purge/look up/remove as items being in pending files can cause slow downs.
Let us know how it goes

Cheers,Matty :■■■■

Everything seems to be working really good now. It seems I just needed to be patient with the firewall for some time. False alarm.

I will certainly add 512 MB of RAM in the next days. It’s really cheap. I hope that it will significantly increase the “handling capability” of my comp. Now with 480 MB of RAM (32 MB went to the graphic card) my comp becomes slow when I surf a lot and open many tabs and a few proggies at the same time. I hope it will get better with around 1 GB of RAM.

Thanks again.


Great news Cassie,you probably allready know this but check out what RAM you need to get,it changes so fast There`s DDR/DDR2 PC2700/PC3200 etc etc,so its worth 5 mins just checking out what RAM your motherboard takes

Good luck with it all,

Cheers,Matty :-TU

HERE There are some great tips for improving your speed

Thanks Matty. I think the one I need is DDR. But will check it out. (:KWL)