Re: compact database after history, bookmarks entries are deleted

this will help keep cd running fast

Please explain your desire for this. CD doesn’t use pure SQL, it makes use of SQLite but it doesn’t affect browsing.

i don’t fully understand what it does or how it works but ccleaner has a way to do this for firefox to keep it running fast. i’m sorry i used the wrong term. i don’t know if it makes a difference but the term i was supposed to use was compact sql databases.

here’s what it says regarding this feature on ccleaner’s site

“Compact Databases - Some Web browsers (notably Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) use databases to store bookmarks, history, and other data. When you remove information from these databases, they may still take up room with fragmented space. If you select Compact Database, CCleaner will defragment and trim unused space from these databases.”

CCleaner supports Dragon now.

does dragon ever need to compact databases? if so, why not add the feature for dragon to do it automatically on browser exit or something like that