RE:Comodo Setup [Resolved]


I used to have comodo, and since having probs yet again with Zone Alarm i decided to come back to CPF. I am not very happy tho as i too have a problem with CPF also :frowning:

The problem is this:

I cant connect to the internet whilst using Comodo, i’ve allowed everything in and out for svhost, firefox etc etc and i still cant connect. When comodo is turned off everything is fine…

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi DeadDude,
welcome to the forums (:WAV).
If you set Comodo security level to “allow all”, you’re able to connect to the internet?
If you set Comodo security level to “custom”, you cannot connect?
This points strongly to a rule related problem.

What you could do:

  1. Set Comodo security level to custom.
  2. Make sure Application, Component, and Network Monitor are turned on (CM can also be set to “Learning”)
  3. Turn OFF Network Monitor. Can you connect? If yes, it’s a problem with your network control rules (post a screenshot). If you still cannot connect, turn it back on and Turn OFF AppMon. Can you connect? … CompMon… (you got the idea)
    You might have to reboot after each action - I’m not sure if it’s necessary (but I don’t think it is).
    Once we know where the problem is situated it shouldn’t be too difficult to set CPF correctly.


Hello thankyou for your response, after trying what u suggested i found the cause but dont no how to rectify it:

I found that disabling appmon allowed me to use firefox.

Everything in there is fully allowed for incoming and outgoing TCP and UDP, apart from an anti virus program i’m using which is avast.

Is there a way i can sort this while having appmon on?

TIA for any responses



Anything in CFPs Log (Activity tab)? If CFP is blocking something then it usually reports it, unless its been told not to.

An easy way to solve your problem (if it works) would be to delete the rules for firefox (maybe even svchost) in appmon, reboot windows, start firefox and tick “allow and remember”. If it works, your problem is solved. If not, an essential compoment might be blocked (also have a look in compmon and see if there’s anything blocked).
Hope this helps.
Post back if it worked.

Cant see anything in the logs apart from iexplorer, ashweb(avast) and some inbound policy violations but cant find out what for, i’ve inserted some images to show this

http://C:\Documents and Settings\Lee\My Documents\My Pictures\appcon.jpg

http://C:\Documents and Settings\Lee\My Documents\My Pictures\log.bmp


I’ve finally got it sorted (:LGH) (:CLP)

It was the ashwebserver which was causing the problem, as it was blocking the internet access.

TYVM for all ur help.


Glad to hear you figured it out.
Have a nice day,