Re: Comodo IS 6.0 [~] [v6]

I’m unsure which section to place the following in, but very likely as a result of since removed malware, the IceDragon facility “New Tab”, which formerly displayed 9 square boxes with the most recent visited web sites displayed, is now showing 9 Blank square boxes.

Due to the timing, I’m 99% sure that it’s one of the malware items (initially couldn’t be removed, so I had to manually delete it all from the registry) that has caused and continues to cause this problem.

Is it correct that the malware has interfered with the Icedragon settings? Everything else appears to be fine.

Trying out different software, at the moment mainly to ensure that, any malware not picked up by one malware software remover will be picked up by one or more others, I currently have these on my computer:

Spyware Blaster
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Nothing found on a Quick search, but I’ll do a complete search later
Windows Defender - very slow and retunes from 1:00 to 0:00, so difficult to tell if it’s reverting to the same files it’s already checked, but it did find one piece of malware and successfully deleted it (a duplicate copy, infected, of an existing, safe, Document file)

Hitman Pro – found the most intrusions (3) but this program requires users to pay for it before it allows the found items to be removed or it has a bug. Either way, it states “Nothing found”, so the malware was displayed but no option to delete the files, which I had to, precariously, delete manually from the registry.

I have since deleted this program and am reviewing the others to see which picks up the most spyware, adware and malware, while not adding what it intends to block and remove.

I am also keeping in mind Comodo’s products, either the Internet Security or Firewall. I believe the latter also includes an anti-virus, to see how it compares with AVG. Eventually, I will uninstall some programs so I don’t have too many and don’t hog the resources, but I have a month’s free trial of SuperAntiSpyware, which has turned out to be one of the most effective malware removers.

I also have AVG anti-virus, AVG security toolbar and AVG secure search on my computer, although the latter two must be unique to Firefox, as, while installed, they’re not displayed in Icedragon.

Yesterday, I got a warning that I had Babylon Toolbar on my computer (Spybot found it and listed it as, what turned out to also be, an AVG file for the Security Toolbar, so I restored it, while a bit concerned about the Babylon Toolbar reference. The file C:\Program Files\AVG Secure Search\vprot.exe was tagged to Babylon but is needed for AVG, so I don’t know what to do here.

Hi Montana 1,
This could be due to clearing user data from CID or a program/cleaning tool clearing the user data.
With some usage these should regenerate, sometimes restarting the browser after some usage appears to speed up the regeneration process.

It sounds like one of the causes you’ve mentioned has affected the display of the 9 tabs.

Good news and bad news.

Good: Upon surfing around online, I’ve found that there is an option to go to IceDragon - Bookmarks, Display All Bookmarks and drag individual bookmarks of web site bookmarks to the individual tabs.

Bad: Most of the tabs display no pictures, just a reference to the web sites, even though they displayed correctly before.

I cleared out my History from IceDragon and also removed some malware using different software tools. None are specifically cleaners, in the literal sense, eg not Ccleaner or anything like those, but some malware got removed automatically and a small number I had to remove manually.

I’m not sure how to restart the browser, unless you mean to close any remaining tabs and reload IceDragon, but I’ll keep an eye on the Tabs and see if all 9 restore automatically, as before. As previously, whenever I visited a web site, once I’d reached 9, it would update the 9 most recently visited web sites under “New Tab”. Since today, I’ve only been able to add them manually, with mixed results.


Unfortunately, since manually adding 9 Bookmarks to the tabs, the most that’s happening is that I can Pin or Unpin each tab, whatever that means, but I can no longer automatically get each tab to update as I visit different web sites.

Do I need to uninstall then reinstall IceDragon? or is there is a quicker way without having to reinstall and re-add my Add-Ons?

Also, “about:blank” is now displaying the web site and its address in the Address bar.

Previously, “about:blank” gave a Comodo IceDragon reference.

Something has gone wrong.

Despite trying several times, a fault has developed that I can’t reverse, other than if I uninstall then reinstall IceDragon, which I only want to do as a very last resort.

Have you selected never to remember history (In private browsing)?
Found under Options, Privacy, History.

No. I’ve checked the “Private Browsing” settings and it says “Remember History” under the sub-sections of Options.

I’ve since carried out a test and it looks like the malware problem I’ve been experiencing has been coincidental with the appearance of the 9 blank tabs I encountered on Friday.

I went to “Private Browsing”, visited a web site then clicked on New Tab and came out of Private Browsing.

Upon doing so and clicking on New Tab in Standard mode, all 9 tabs remained intact with full screenshots and text.

However, when I deleted the History using the delete “Everything” option, all 9 tabs became blank again, so it must be the full clearing of History that blanks out the tabs. Thankfully, this isn’t a bug or virus after all, it’s just a temporary appearance which gradually reverts itself, which is a big relief.

It doesn’t always remember the last 9 used tabs, it seems to be dependent on how often I visit each web site, unless I’m mistaken, as I’m new to this excellent feature.

It also had part of a page of a web link and on some occasions just the text, not screen captures, but a good news result. :slight_smile:

Good to hear all is well. :slight_smile:
You are correct, it is dependent on how frequent you visit a site.
Re-opening Recently and Most Visited Websites

It’s a big relief that everything has turned out fine, as with the timing of malware and adware appearing on my computer, I’d initially thought they’d caused a fault.

The only fault (or assumed fault, as Firefox’s equivalent worked fine) that I’ve come across in IceDragon is the “about:home” feature where Comodo has its own search engine. Both the “Search” button and click Return (Enter) facility to search a chosen site doesn’t work.

On a plus note, one of many, IceDragon is as equally reliable as Firefox for blocking bad web sites. Earlier, I tried to visit a web site link relating to an Add-On which IceDragon instantly blocked, giving me the option to “Get me out of here” to the default Comodo browser (as I chose to do) or “I understand the risks” and visit the site. Website Malware Scanner | Online Website Virus and Malware Scanner lists it as “Suspicious”.

What I have noticed is that software to block/remove malware, spyware, adware and viruses is very variable ranging from no findings and deletions to few at most, as that “Recommendations for you” adware remains persistent.

The multiple tabs feature is an invaluable addition to Firefox’s browser, unique to IceDragon, possibly also Dragon.

Thanks for the link. I’ll work my way through it and keep a note of the features of the Tab function. :slight_smile:

Hi Montana 1,
The IceDragon start page search does appear broken, it doesn’t even appear to try to search.
Thanks for pointing this out.
IMO this is a bug of some kind, if you have the time could you please consider posting a bug report.
If you do decide to submit a bug report, you are welcome to use the screenshot attached.
Your time is appreciated, thanks greatly.
Bug Reports - CID
How to Submit Bug Reports
Edit: I have now found that you already have submitted a bug report, thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

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Hi Captainsticks

I am very impressed with IceDragon. :slight_smile:

I hope the page Search facility can be fixed in due course, but this is the only bug I’ve come across, which shows how reliable IceDragon is. This browser is faster and more secure than the excellent Firefox, which I enjoyed using, but it used a lot of resources which are speeded up in IceDragon.

I hope that the Comodo DNS servers will become available to all parts of the UK in time, as at present, the nearest is a few hundred miles away, so my own ISP (which has a single address instead of the better two ISP addresses format) can make use of it. I’m very happy with my ISP, but it doesn’t block any potentially dangerous web sites that Comodo would block automatically, including, which I visited yesterday unwittingly and Web Inspector states as “Suspicious”. Luckily, I don’t think it’s compromised my computer upon doing a scan which gave the all clear, but I shall avoid the site from now on to play safe.

Thanks for the Bug Report link. Glad to have helped.

Upon checking the information I wrote, I spotted an error of the Kaspersky product I have, which I’ve now corrected.