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Reporting critical bug:
There are no download links!

lol oh boy. now let the hunting begin(as soon as we have the links anyhow)

My patient is ended.

I want to have the download link for Beta Version, please.


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this is a hold up give me your links or the people get it

Beta released;msg419741#msg419741

Please only post bug reports in this topic.

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Split this fun from the Bug reports…

what a mess. tell us when you’ll be ok with the forum.

I see that sandboxie is in the white list but when windows xp 32-bit starts after i have to reboot at the end of the comodo 5 install, the comodo sandbox popups about sandboxie, i have to add sandboxie in my trusted files. how comes ?

Windows Vista x64 SP2

When the Antivirus is installed, I boot my PC, reach the login screen, login, and it remains on"Please Wait…" without even showing me the desktop.

I resolved this by uninstalling the Antivirus module

vista seems to cause a lot of problems with CIS, I have windows 7 and it worked perfectly and I also installed it on a Xp machine and it has no problems. This leads me to believe the problem is actually vista, I’m sure it will get sorted out soon.

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 32 bit (fully updated)
4 GB DDR2 800 Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4890

Defense + : Paranoid
AV : Stateful
Sandbox : Enabled
Firewall : Custom Policy

Installed ok, had to reboot twice to allow av to update .
So far , everything is running ok . Will do a virus scan tomorrow morning

My only complaint, or bug so far, is sandbox automatically sandboxed 2 of my startup items (Razer Barracuda AC-1 tray icon, & Razer Mamba tray icon) , without giving me the option to not run suspected programs (my Razer tray programs in this case) in the sandbox . So far , so good otherwise !

One other thing . I was able to add the aforementioned programs to my safe files list, maybe thing will be ok now .

Not true, Languy99. I experienced the same thing on Win7 x64.
The resolve was to completely shut down, my system, then do a cold boot.
My logins since then have been working fine, even after a reboot.

Right-clicking on a blocked file results in the endless loading-cursor.

Nope I have the same problem after 3 tries on windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

I tried that twice now still not working I gave up for the night.

Windows Vista 64x SP2 | No other security apps

List of bugs I have found so far:

1: Right-clicking on a blocked file results in the endless loading-cursor. (Self-explanatory)

2: After looking up an unrecognized file that is then confirmed as safe, and supposedly moved to “Trusted Files”, it never is. (Self-explanatory)

3: Defense Default-Deny does not seem to work at all on two separate installations. (I receive no D+ alerts for any application even with the highest security settings)

4: When the Antivirus is installed, Vista hangs at the welcome screen. (As others have mentioned. Even a cold-boot does not solve this)

Here’s what worked for me. Boot into Safe Mode and disable the AV component. You can then log in normally, but if you re-enable it you’ll have the problem again.

At least that’s what it seems like at this moment.

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