Re: COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102194.530 Bug Reports

I have been using the free version of the Comodo Firewall in Windows XP (Home) with Service Pack 2 for several months with no problems. My other Security software is Windows Defender and AVG Antivirus Version 8.5.375. However the Comodo program recently updated itself to Version 3.10.102194.530 after which I discovered that my System Restore no longer worked, nor did my Taipei game.

With the Taipei game, I got a message saying “attempt to access invalid address”. A more serious problem occurs with System Restore. When the computer restarted after a restore operation, I got a message saying that the computer could not be restored to that date because no changes had been made to the computer (which is not the case). Both of these problems disappeared when Version 3.10.102194 was uninstalled.

In an attempt to revert to a more problem-free version, I downloaded the installation files for both Version 3.9.76924.507 released in February 2009 and Version 3.9.9478.509 released on June 22, 2009 (not from the Comodo site as no previous versions are available on your web site) but they caused the system to crash, even if I just highlighted the folder that contained them. The latter file had to be deleted from the command prompt!

I also downloaded Version 3.10.101801.529, released on July 3, 2009. I believe this was the version in use on my computer before the program updated itself to 3.10.102194.530 (the problem version) However when Version 3.10.101801.529 was installed from the dowloaded file, the installed version was actually 3.10.102194.530 which caused the problems mentioned in the first paragraph.

None of the Comodo versions create a System Restore point when they are installed, so when there are problems you can’t go back to a point where you were using a previous version, and as mentioned previously, there are no previous versions available on your web site.

I have therefore reverted to a much older version (3.5.57173.439) since I happen to have saved the installation file on a CD, and my computer is now problem-free again.

There are always previous versions available on the forum. They just take some searching to find.

This is the link to the latest CIS 3.10.102363.531, which fixes DOS applications crash when CIS is installed.;msg304186#msg304186.

This is the link to CIS 3.9.95478.509;msg284178#msg284178.

This is the link to CIS 3.8.65951.477;msg253601#msg253601.

This is the link to CIS 3.8.64739.471;msg250111#msg250111.

This is the link to CIS 3.8.64253.468;msg247314#msg247314.

This is the link to CIS 3.5.57173.439;msg223728#msg223728.

This is the link to CIS 3.5.54375.427;msg211532#msg211532.

This is the link to CIS 3.5.53896.424;msg209040#msg209040.