Re: comodo firewall outbound protection

Hi Kail, you seem to know a lot about this. Why do we need outbound protection? Also, my PC has slowed down a lot lately. I used CCleaner and emptied caches etc. but cannot find the cause. Like you, I use XP Pro with SP2, comodo firewall, a good anti-virus for years the same, but also Cyberhawk and Spyware Doctor. Any hint or clue you can give me?

Hi Romolus

Before I respond to your questions, I’m going to split your post off as a separate topic… otherwise you’ll be seen as posting off-topic or even hijacking. Sit tight don’t reply & you should get an email notification when I reply again.

Right, done. Sorry about that.

Why do we need outbound protection? Well, without any firewall outbound filtering then you are vulnerable to applications “phoning home” without authorisation (at best) and trojan infection (at worst).

Poor Performance? Well, it is very hard to say… it could be lots of things. Are you running Cyberhawk’s & SD’s active scanning components? What is your AV? When did you first notice this or has it just crept up on you (as this type of thing often does)?

It krept up on me slowly. Yes I have Cyperhawk and since dissabling it improved it somewhat. I have a good Anti Virus for some time by CA but also have Search Destroy and Defend always running as well as Spyware Doctor.
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Poor response… set all your security apps to explicitly trust each other (if you can’t do that… then you should be running, whatever it is, at all). There is really no point for them to waste resources scanning each other and, worst still, you do not want them fighting over things (stopping something bad for instance)… it also risks it all ending in tears (errors & failures).