Re: Comodo Dragon v is now available

Want to change the title from “Comodo Dragon v is now available” to “Comodo Dragon v is now available”?


Funny things are happening here. My above post gets sent off by itself, the new release post is but should be (because the .2 version had a “defect”), and…ooops.

Hmm my fault I think. I thought Comodo released a new version, a fix, that was But it really was :-[

Hmm…I’ll blame it on ganda.

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I thought they did have an update but something wasn’t quite right so they pulled it back.

For the CD team: The new beta version of Google Chrome is faster (v.5.0.375.29).
[i]more info:[/i]

I wish for the next update of CD, you are based in this update of google chrome.


When is this update supposed to take effect?