Re: Comodo AV and Microsoft Word

Sounds like I am fighting a similar problem. On some machines, with CIS 3.9 (I was getting this with 3.8 also), MS Word 2003 cannot re-save (or overwrite) a document on a Novell Netware drive if that document already exists. Here’s an example:

Open Word, create a new document, Save As “H:\test.doc” - no problem.
Make any change to document, click Save, get error: “Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. (H:\test.doc)”
Click OK on error message, get “Do you want to retry the save?”
If click “No”, original file has disappeared from H: drive, and Word title bar now identifies the file as “~WRLxxxx.tmp”.
If instead click “Yes” to “retry save” message, name file H:\test.doc, works fine (since original test.doc file is no longer there to replace).

So, when saving a new document on a network drive, no problem. When replacing that document, get error and document is DELETED from network share. I have a very frustrated user who has lost documents because of this. Originally I thought this was isolated to one new machine that I setup, but it is also happening on another new machine I set up.

Disabling Comodo AntiVirus fixes the problem. Setting AV to “On Access” or “Stateful” causes problem. This problem does not occur with MS Excel 2003. As far as I know, it is just Word. No problems saving to local C: drive. No problems when creating a new file on a network drive (e.g., if I Save As H:\test2.doc, no problem, until I try to change/overwrite H:\test2.doc)

Have checked everything I can find in AV, Defense, and Firewall configurations, nothing seems to help except disabling AV.

Totally different hardware on 2 different workstations
Win XP SP3
MS Office Pro 2003
Current Comodo version: 3.9.95478.509
Netware Client 4.91 SP5 with NWLink NetBIOS, and NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol (Netware Server 5.1)
Client for MS Networks
File and Printer Sharing for MS Networks
Network Monitor Driver
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
NICI (Shared) U.S./Worldwide (128 bit) (2.7.4-1)
NMAS Challenge Response Method
NMAS Client
Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.2 (teatimer disabled, error occurs whether SDHelper is enabled or disabled)
Windows Defender 1.1.1593.0 (error still occurs with Defender’s realtime protection disabled)

Looks like others in the forums are having similar issues, but I haven’t seen a solution yet. I would be glad to provide any other details, or even setup a time to work through this over the phone.


Emoore. SInce you gave such a marvelously detailed description I notified Egemen the head developer to take a look.

LOL…ditto. earlier just didn’t post.

Great minds… :a0


Thanks for passing this on. I have another issue which I’ll throw out, in case it’s related. Perhaps it has something to do with how Comodo interacts with older Netware drives/protocols (IPX/SPX), and might be a clue in solving the first problem also.

We have a Client-Server app (School administration system). The executable files are stored on a shared folder on the Netware 5.1 server. Users launch the application via a windows desktop shortcut which points to the .exe on the mapped Netware drive. (ex: S:\Shared\dmwin.exe). The database used by this program, however, resides on a separate Windows server, accessed via TCP/IP.

Every time someone launches the .exe, they get multiple firewall alerts, answer OK/remember to all, but app fails to locate database. Are re-prompted with same firewall alerts every time, even though said to allow and remember. End up with multiple, repetitive application rules under Network Security Policy. Have tried manually creating rules, added .exe as trusted app, etc., still won’t work. Changing firewall to Training mode DOES allow the program to work fine; but Safe mode does not.

The application itself seems to be working, it just cannot contact the database server (uses database address in format: abcd@ Again, in Training mode it works fine, but not in Safe mode. Sounds like it is more of an issue in contacting the database on the Windows server, rather than an issue with Netware, except for the fact that it continually gives the same firewall alerts every time the app is started, even if the app is trusted. So it seems there’s something going on there, too.

Thanks so much for your help!

I don’t know anything about Comodo in networked environment so I asked the other mods to take a look.

The only thing I can think of is that may be Comodo sees the network as a non fixed disk and therefore doesn’t make rules as it would not make rules for USB sticks and external HD’s. But this is a total long shot and I am more than likely shooting myself in the foot here.:smiley:

Hi emoore,

My network application creates a rule that starts with


How is your S: drive created on the network policy rules ?


I am facing the same problem with Windows Vista, Word and mapped networkdrive. The only difference is that we are still using Office xp (2002), seems that which version of Word you are using doesn’t matter. If I disable CIS AV it works. We do not have this problem with Windows XP, only Vista.
Really hope someone at the Comodo Team look into this, who wants a pc with antivirus disabled? :-\


I am having exactly the same problems as emoore when trying to re-save an existing Word doc. Ditto for Spybot and Defender except my problem is when saving to C: drive - WinXP Home SP3, Word 2000.

The funny thing is that my other PC running WinXP Pro SP3, Word 2003 has no problem but it doesn’t have Spybot installed. I am hesitant to install Spybot on the working PC in case it causes it to fail as well.

I’m sure this makes the problem harder to solve but would love to run CIS as I really like the program and it doesn’t degrade the performance of my PC.

With CIS installed, there is no good reason to have Spybot as well. You could try uninstalling it and see if that solves your problem.

Uninstalled Spybot S&D, other AV and re-installed CIS with all updates… sorry, same result… frustrating.

It’s a known issue. I just saw in another topic that this was apparently not solved in the latest 3.10.

Can you direct me to the other topic so I can follow progress.

Et voila: .