Re: cmdagent got killed! and easyli without anyalerts from comodo.

you leechers and pure idiot,
it dont give any alerts when i kill the service is hard to know?
i can say too why visual studio is not a trusted app ? when creating the debug release ? u think we will run a stupid fake malware ? rofl.
and somuch malware blocking comodo running atm, i’am happy that’s all.

If i say yes to restore backup and debug previleges, is not dangerous anyway.
the antivirus is now here for 2year, can he detect some algorithm crypting like avira and sophos ? no he can’t, get out by database, add heuristic, the sandbox ? totaly useless, malware canbypass, detect with ASM if sandbox is on, if is … it dont run. and ? we need to run it out of sandbox, GOOD !