Re: CisTrace_x64_v8.2.0.4674_20150825; Update issues

CIS is downloading entire update file, even when scanners folder has b00xxxxxx.cav file with almost same size. I renamed this file to bases.cav, did a reboot, but update still wants the entire 278 MB.

Hi galib20,
The scanners folder should have a smaller file named bases.cav and the DB file named bxxxxxxx.cav, if you rename the bxxxxxxx.cav file it will download the entire DB again.

Kind regards.

Dear Captain,
yours truly has already deleted the previous bases.cav file. Now scanners folder has two db, both renamed, bases.cav(25th august) and bases2.cav(12 Aug). What’s the remedy?

Dr Galib

Hi galib20,
It might be worth checking the folder Dennis mentions in the quote below, in case corruption has occurred within that folder.

That failing I would suggest trying a complete clean re-install.
Sorry I have no other ideas.

Kind regards.

Please try the following solution by moderator Dennis2: